The Alliance Fellowship is an action-based elite network for up and coming progressive political leaders who are focused on promoting civic equality. We believe that by bringing the best and brightest operatives and leaders into a room, focused on analyzing strategic challenges and solving problems together, our next generation of political leaders will gain tools to better address the challenges of political change. By facilitating an intimate working environment based on trust, mutual respect, and shared values, we create much needed synergy regarding ideas, policy, and messaging to move towards a forward thinking inclusive, democratic Israel.

In today’s Israel, we believe a strong relationship between Jewish and Arab leaders is more crucial than ever. Educationally, we stress the need for a robust democracy; professionally, we stress the need for an ongoing relationship and conversation between young Arab and Jewish operatives and leaders across party lines.


The Alliance Fellowship is an intensive two-year program. Our fellows meet on a bi-weekly basis where they hear lectures from leading intellectuals and public leaders, strengthen skills and organizational tools, and learn to work together as a group. Throughout the program, our fellows write policy papers and gain an in-depth understanding of the history and ideas around civic equality in Israel. Each fellow receives one on one mentorship from our staff and a support network from the Alliance.